YouTube channel owners apply every possible tactic to increase the views and subscribers of their channel. Be it through purchasing youtube views, likes and comments. They work every bit to get their video viral and rank amongst the top videos on YouTube. In this article, we have mentioned all the factors influenced by the purchase of comments and helped your videos get the love and recognition they deserve. Read the complete article to know more.

Getting recognition and money by purchasing YouTube comments for your videos is possible. You can get great views if you buy views, likes and comments for your videos.

Whenever we use YouTube, we prefer watching videos with a high number of comments. Isn’t it? Well, I know. It happens to each one of us. But why?

Watching so many youtube comments on the comment section of a video, we get curious as to what the channel has posted that got such high comments. And then, we get the urge to watch the video and get into the conversation in the comments section. And this is the reason why YouTubers buy comments is it safe to buy YouTube viewers?.

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Benefits of buying comments

  • To build credibility- This is one of the solid reasons to purchase comments for your youtube videos. The comments on your videos determine how strong a bond you share with your audience. Whatever videos you upload for the audience, if they appreciate it, they press the like button and post comments as a return favour to you. Though it might be a timely process, it ensures credibility and trust among your audience, allowing you to achieve your goal faster YouTube watch time.
  • Effective marketing strategies- Videos with more comments makes it easier for people to trust the channel and let them be a part of all the marketing campaigns you host without hesitation. People dare to trust and spend on channels with many views, YouTube likes and comments. And this makes marketing products and services more effective. Therefore, it helps benefit your marketing campaigns and increases the income you get through the brand campaigns 100 Million Views on YouTube.
  • Helps you gain more viewers and subscribers- The high likes and comments your videos get, the more it attracts people to watch them out of curiosity to know what made people indulge in the comment section. Thus, you get many YouTube views and subscribers if people like your content. And this makes viewers subscribe to your channel. And this way, your subscribers increase on YouTube.
  • To improve SEO ranking- Improving SEO ranking for your video is a significant concern of YouTube channels Watch Hours. The videos with a high engagement rate make the YouTube algorithm resurface your videos. The more activity, i.e., the number of viewers, subscribers,  youtube likes and comments your channel has, the better the chance the video appears in the YouTube search results. It means whenever people search for a video belonging to the same niche as yours, and your video has a higher chance of popping at the top due to its high number of views and comments. Therefore, your videos’ SEO ranking increases when you purchase YT comments.

Various reasons make a YouTube channel opts to buy comments for their videos. Be it for gaining views, increasing subscribers, building trust and credibility amongst the audience, improving SEO ranking and getting the video viral. There are a whole lot of reasons to buy comments. Buying comments works when you put engaging content and promote your channel, even if you buy comments to stand out among your counterparts YouTube views


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Things to consider before buying comments from a provider

  • Reputed provider- Always choose a reputed and trusted provider for buying comments to reduce your chances of getting into frauds or scams. Otherwise, there are chances of the provider being a scammer waiting to loot your hard-earned money by providing you with bot-generated comments that sound similar and easily identified by people and YouTube.
  • Affordable and quality comments- If you can search all the service providers, it’s even better for you. Go through all the websites providing comments and choose the one that provides affordable services. But make sure to get into fake promises of the provider to buy quality services at low prices. Websites offer a wide range of services based on quality. Therefore, always choose better quality services that stay with you for the time you decide new channel to grow fast.
  • 24/7 customer support- Customer support is required whenever you buy anything online, be it a product or a service, like buying comments. Seller providing you 24/7 is necessary to resolve your problems on time after you purchased them.
  • Rating and Reviews- Reviews and rating of a website is a mirror that reflects how well the services the seller provides. Before taking a step forward in buying likes, ensure to go through all the reviews and ratings of the websites.
  • Time is taken for delivery of services- Ensure you discuss the delivery time of the services in advance. Any delay in the delivery of the services will be a significant turn-off for you. Thus, a duration of 24 hours is what sellers usually provide for the delivery of comments, views and likes.

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Buying likes is a great way to build trust and credibility amongst the audience that help your videos get recognition on YouTube. Buying comments helps your channel grow at a faster rate and increases the visibility of your channel.

It is to keep in mind that you can rely on something other than the purchased comments for your channel to grow. Always put consistent efforts and hard work to garn comments and increase your subscribers organically, as it’s the only thing that keeps you going till the end. All the best!

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